You Need to Hire a Data Geek

-A strong background in computer science is essential. Dealing with information is not easy. The data geek needs to be able to collect the data, which in many cases involves knowing about databases, some networking, and Web programming technologies (XML, HTML, etc.), for a start.

-Statistics and mathematics are part of the game. Your data geek needs to know statistics inside out and backwards, and the software for manipulating them to develop an analysis.

-Data visualization is key. You need data visualization tools that are in equal parts useful and appealing. Your data geek should have an eye for graphs, maps, and charts, with a feel for the right dashboards, scorecards, data mashups, or even Excel workbooks—to generate the right mix of information for the right people.

-A bit of creativity goes a long way. The right data geek will use all the above skills to create new and improve existing ways to increase the return on investment (ROI) of your organization’s BI solutions.

—  myNoSQL

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