I am SO sick of this argument. Local is important. People want local. But Local is not national or global, and when it’s constantly compared to those of course is falls short. Is that because it’s a failure? No, it’s because the whole world doesn’t live on your block.

When we started Metblogs in 2003 no one gave a shit about local and over the next few years people started paying more attention, but always because they expected it to be the next national thing, which it will never be, since it’s local. I’ve written about this numerous times where we’d butt heads with advertisers and affiliates who wanted numbers that just didn’t exist, and would then walk away when suddenly there weren’t 10x the population of a city reading about it.

There are just over half a million people in the city of Nashville, 1.5 million in the metro area. You want to run a campaign in Nashville but are going to be disappointed if you don’t get 4-5 million views to it? You are on crack. If a campaign in nashville gets 250K views - a full HALF THE POPULATION of the city, that’s fantastic. Local numbers are only low because they are *constantly* compared to national and global sites which is just stupid.

Oh really, this site about a city with half a million people gets less traffic than Facebook, obviously it’s a failure.

Stupidest logic ever.

Local is important TO THE LOCALS. It’s useless to non-locals which is exactly how it should be. On a side note, it’s hilarious to watch company after company dump cash into the wrong efforts for local and then panic and give up. AOL has done it twice now, I’m actually shocked that they didn’t seem to learn *anything* from their failed attempts at local with Weblogs Inc. Patch sucks because *actual* local sites, and *actual* locals know it’s just the front of some outsider trying to capitalized on them and isn’t actually invested in anything local. Meanwhile billions of local sites around the world continue to run perfectly fine because it’s a group of people writing about the neighborhoods and communities they live in and aren’t gauging their success against traffic to sites like twitter.
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