PBS Launches Digital Media Platform for Education →

Like peanut butter and jelly, PBS and education just go together.

Via eSchoolNews:

The Public Broadcasting System and Boston-based PBS station WGBH are releasing a new digital media platform for pre-kindergarten through college, called PBS LearningMedia. The site will provide digital content tied to curriculum standards and will be available in both a free and premium format…

…PBS LearningMedia will include content from more than 55 member stations, independent producers, and public institution partners. The site plans to launch with 12,000 digital learning objects, which include video clips, documents, games, images, and activities.

“Approximately 60 percent of the collection is made up of video clips,” said [Senior Vice President for Education Rob] Lippincott. “All of these are purpose-built short pieces of video that have been produced or adapted for use in the classroom. These are not simply segments of television.” 

PBS LearningMedia.

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