Google Patents Censorship Of ‘Annoying’ Content →

There goes the Internet.

Via Conceivably Tech:

We could not help bringing you news that Google received a patent for “detecting and rejecting annoying documents.”…

…Needless to say, the patent especially refers to advertising and those rather invasive and disturbing blinking ads that exploit the entire range of color pairs that are found displeasing to the human eye: “The embodiments described herein enable Flash and animated image documents (e.g., advertisements). Some of these types of ads are annoying.” However Google notes that ads are just an “illustrative example” and the idea could be applied to “content pages (e.g., web pages), search results, emails, applications, IM messages, audio content or files, video content or files, other files, other data or applications that may reside on one or several (e.g., a network) of computer systems, or other definable concepts or content.”

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?

The patent via the US Patent Office.

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