File Sharing's Not a Religion →

Try as they might, Sweden’s Missionary Church of Kopimism was unable to convince authorities that file sharing is an act of worship.

With a belief system that holds that the search for — and circulation and sharing of — knowledge is sacred, the group hoped their activities would be sanctioned by the state.

Via UPI:

The Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency rejected the attempt by the Pirate Party of Uppsala to have their information copying and spreading activities registered as a religious faith known as The Missionary Church of Kopimism, The Local reported Thursday.

The church’s name came from the “Kopimi” — pronounced “copy me” — logo placed on the Web sites of people who are willing to have the contained information copied.

As ZeroPaid points out, Swedes don’t let just any belief system gain state sanction. Last year, the government rejected a bid by the Church of Orgasm to be recognized as a religion.

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