Move Over Tote Bag, There's a Tablet in Town →

Forget getting irrelevant swag with your newspaper subscription.

Via Adweek:

Publishers, desperate to prop up their legacy print business, have been scrambling to put their content on tablet devices. Now the Philadelphia Inquirer and its sibling Philadelphia Daily News are making what may be the boldest tablet push yet.

On July 11, the two papers plan to announce a pilot program under which they will sell Android tablets with their content already built in at a discount. Icons on the tablets’ home screen will take users to digital replicas of both newspapers as well as a separate Inquirer app and, the papers’ online hub.

And here’s something for Philly-based news hackers:

[Greg] Osberg, a former worldwide publisher of Newsweek [and current CEO and publisher of Philadelphia Media Network], has made it his mission to speed the digital revolution at the Philly papers, which last year became the latest newspapers to go through bankruptcy. To that end, he’ll also be announcing an incubator program that’ll embed tech startups at the company to help it develop digital products. Later this fall, will introduce paid, premium content on the site, and a hyperlocal news channel.

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