We believe doing a proper newscast and telling the story correctly, great storytelling in the tradition of 60 Minutes, are the kind of things that are going to bring in a wide, wide section of the public. Every single day we get together and ask, ‘What are the most important things that happened in the world today? How can we cover them? How can we tell the story and give it a unique insight?’ Those are the standards we use. We do not sit around asking ourselves, ‘Is this going to appeal to a 19-year-old?’ or, ‘Is that going to appeal to a woman?’ We are covering the news.

Scott Pelley, CBS News, Journalism holds up a mirror, tells us the facts

The newest addition to the CBS evening news offers his opinion of how the news should be. While other networks gravitates toward opposing extremes, Pelley aims for the middle where objectivity, fairness and accuracy lie.

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