The Missing Link

Ian Kramar takes us to task for a post earlier today about Sky News reporter Alex Crawford. Seems we forgot to link our attribution:

C’mon futurejournalismproject, you should know better… Including a link to MacGuyver’s wikipedia entry but not The Daily Mail’s article you swiped the info from. I guess this is the future of journalism, cutesy links to bs on wikipedia instead of meaningful attribution.

Nope. That’s not what the future of journalism looks like.

But it is a good catch of a missing link, not of missing attribution. The original article is at the Telegraph (not the Daily Mail as Ian writes), and can be read here.

Shocking as it may seem, we sometimes mess up too. Our original post is now updated to include the link to the Telegraph story.

Thanks Ian for catching that. 

We will, however, make no excuses for MacGyver.

Update: We originally misspelled Ian’s last name as Kramer. It is “Kramar” and been corrected above. Sorry Ian.

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