Romenesko Leaves Poynter

Maybe we should just resign ourselves that today is a day of resignation. We’ve talked Steve Jobs, we’ve talked Slate layoffs but now’s the time to talk Jim Romenesko.

For years now he’s curated the news about the news at his eponymous blog at Literally, the man is a machine. And his curation Fu has been going on for far longer than the rest of us have curated our particular interests.

Via the New York Times:

Mr. Romenesko was a pioneer of a form of online journalism that is now commonplace. Sites like Gawker and Dealbreaker would become popular years later using similar models.

He identified the hunger for niche news, and connected his readers through an online community in which they could debate and comment on the story of the day. And if they had an internal memo they wanted to leak him, all the better. He would post it and guarantee anonymity. His last name became a verb that editors hoped they would never find themselves on the other end of — as in, “You just got Romenesko’d.” That typically meant one of their memos had leaked on his site.

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