Investigative journalism is not cheap,” Sullivan says. Investigative reporting units require a higher caliber of personnel. In addition, they don’t produce the same number of stories as reporters dedicated to daily coverage. “It’s quality over quantity.

TVNewsCheck reports that Scripps television is bringing investigative journalism back to the news room. Pioneering this effort is Bob Sullivan, Scripps Television VP of Content, who recognizes the importance of watch dog journalism to an informed society.

While adding investigative reporters to the newsroom, Scripps also sent 64 employees — such as producers, multimedia reporters and traditional print reporters — to June’s annual Investigative Reporters and Editors conference. 

Says IRE’s Mark Horvit on the significance of Scripps commitment to investigative reporting,”We’re still not where we were several years ago, and we are certainly not where we need to be, but there are positive and hopeful trends and a lot of great work being done.”

Diana Marszalek, TVNewsCheck, Scripps Bucks Investigative Reporting Trend.

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