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Issues in Connectivity & Net Neutrality 101

The latest from our conversation with Farai Chideya, journalist, novelist, and entrepreneur. Here she discusses net neutrality and connectivity. Should content providers also determine data delivery speeds? Should some degree of access to broadband be guaranteed despite a person or community’s means to afford it? How does this impact journalism? How does it impact an individual’s ability to participate in democracy?

Background: For newbies to this-issue-that-affects-all-of-us-internet-reliant-people-in-the-world, catch up on what’s going on here. Free Press does a lot of great work on this issue, so check out their research and resources here.

Bonus: The National Broadband Map, where you can find out how connected your community is.

On the Importance of Journalists Understanding Technology

The latest in our conversation with Farai Chideya, in which she discusses her own experiences learning new technologies and how—especially as an entrepreneur in the journalism world—knowing the tech side of things has helped her collaborate, innovate, and pursue great journalism.

The Hope of Participatory Journalism

Some time ago, we interviewed Farai Chideya, multimedia journalist, entrepreneur, and a lady full of heart, art, and passion. In this video, she discusses participatory journalism and the evolving world in which journalists, news organizations, and audiences can collaborate to create meaningful stories.

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