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Every person you see on the street, on the subway, at the doctor’s office — every person has a story.

In October 2010, I got to thinking, ‘How many of those stories do I really know? How many am I missing out on?’

So I sat down and made a list: 100 types of people I knew existed in the world but had never met. A transgendered person, someone who had been to prison, someone who had saved a life, a one-hit wonder, a psychic, someone from a third world country.

The project that was born is 100 INTERVIEWS ( 100 Interviews is a blog by NYC journalist and comedian Gaby Dunn, wherein she (who is me) attempts to interview 100 brand new people in just one year.

Since the project began, I have had coffee with my father and a recovering heroin addict, talked religion with a self-made millionaire, gotten drunk with an amputee, learned about fearlessness and lunacy from a Guinness World Record holder, discussed politics with a gay Republican, and tried to civilly understand someone who pickets abortion clinics.

FJP: Reading these is how I’ve been procrastinating (uh, enlightening myself) lately.  We like interviews, spontaneous projects and lists. Well done, Gaby. Click-through to see the complete list of 100.