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Hi there –

Thank you very much for your contributions to AOL. As we have discussed on calls and in emails, going forward our editorial direction is to build a great team of full-time editors, writers, and reporters. To that end, we are reducing the scope of AOL’s freelancer program.

Per the terms of your agreement with AOL, this note confirms the end of your engagement for content services effective Wednesday, April 6, 2011. Rest assured, you will be paid for your content and services through this date, disbursed to you per AOL’s regular payment schedule in late May.

We greatly appreciate your contributions and are available to answer any questions you may have. Please email with any inquiries.


Content Compliance Program Director
Accounting Services | AOL, Inc.

What an actual AOL freelancer termination looks like.

This morning I got the chop as an AOL freelancer when I received this email just after midnight. (We previously reported that freelancers in other verticals were being “released” from their contributor agreements) I had contributed a few, scattered pieces to sites and The BVX, both of which have been shuttered. Asylum was closed even before the AOL/Huffpo merger.

The most I received writing for AOL was $120 for a piece. Getting a story to publication involved many rounds of pitches, edits and finally photo selection, which also required that I take AOL’s photo licensing compliance webinar. It was a lot of runaround for a freelancer, and a lot of overhead for the publisher for a few stories. Still, it beats writing and not getting paid.