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Mapping Platform “Hi” Collects Worldwide Stories 

Say “hello” to Hi, a new storytelling platform launched by former Flipboard product designer Craig Mod. Currently invitation-only, Hi lets users submit photos of their locations and accompanying text. In an essay, Mod calls these “moments” which Hi groups together by location. “That collection — moments tied to location, some short, some extended — is a narrative mapping,” he writes.

Mod also shares his vision behind the platform:

Within you exists a general mapping of New York City that’s different from my mapping of New York City. Your NYC street corners, storefronts, and river benches feel — psychically, emotionally — different than my street corners. Though physically, they’re the same.

Hi helps us surface, layer, and share these narrative maps. Maps concerned with your corner in NYC or maps concerned with the protests after a trial or the energy in a city square after political upheaval.

[…] Hi will be filled with stutters, half-baked ideas, doodles, noodles, blurry photos — a bit of that chaos mentioned earlier. But the hope is that from that chaos will emerge thoughtful, fully formed stories, narratives, monologues, missives, and meditations on place, people, and experience that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.

Hi is a generic enough container that it need not be a place solely for capital “L” Literature, or big “T” Travel Writing. We hope for it to also be a place for scientific inquiry, field research, food documentation, shopping notations, journalistic sketching … anything about which location and narrative collide.

No stranger to the digital publishing and start-up worlds, Mod is the brains behind publisher PRE/POST and a mentor at 500 Startups. With AQ founder Craig Palmieri, Mod started Moments Managing Corp. to power Hi. 

Images: Screen grabs of Hi’s front page and first user submission

What is a publisher anymore, anyway? A blog is a magazine. A magazine a blog. A newspaper a WordPress install. A Twitter account a journalist.

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With Kickstarter, people are preordering your idea. Sure, they’re buying something tangible — a CD, a movie, a book, etc — but more than that, they’re pledging money because they believe in you, the creator. If you take the time to extrapolate beyond the obvious low-hanging goals, you can use this money to push the idea — the project — somewhere farther reaching than initially envisaged. And all without giving up any ownership of the idea. This — micro-seed capital without relinquishment of ownership — is where the latent potential of Kickstarter funding lies.

— Author and publisher Craig Mod, who raised $24,000 for a book project Art/Space Tokyo through Kickstarter. Om Malik says of Kickstarter that it’s less of technology site, and more of a socio-cultural revolution, which is changing the very notion of commerce. Via GigaOm