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Hey there. We have good news for all of those who have inquired about why we keep posting only in English: from now on, we will be periodically posting special entries, written entirely in Spanish, with original content generated by us here at the Future Journalism Project. De nada.

FJP: In August we launched FJP Latin America to explore what’s happening in Spanish language media. The idea is to bring those observations back to an English speaking audience (with, of course, links back to the original Spanish-language sources).

But now we have a twist. José and Roberto will occasionally translate what we’re doing in English to Spanish. It’s all kind of meta but we think meta for a good cause. Our recent interview with Narratively founder Noah Rosenberg is our start.

To read it in Spanish, visit FJP Latin America. And to read future Spanish language coverage, bookmark the En Español tag.

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And just wait until we get other regions up and running. We’ll have translations of translations of translations. Good times. — Michael