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Infographic: World Mobile Browser Market Share

Nokia’s share of the world mobile browsing market shows remarkable disparity, and this chart from iCrossing provides good insight into why the Finnish handset giant made a deal with Microsoft to start running Windows Phone 7 on its devices.

Nokia’s Symbian OS runs nearly half of all phones in Tunisia, and in Egypt, this figure climbs to 80 percent, but figure is quite anemic in much of Western Europe, the U.S. and other mature markets.

PaidContent has more analysis:

—Microsoft’s Windows Phone does not have a big enough marketshare in any one market to make it into the charts. For that matter, neither does webOS.

—Nokia (NYSE: NOK) dominates by wide margins in developing markets, but in mature markets Nokia is either too small to make it into the rankings, or it is low on the list. It’s striking how consistent that is, and it makes one wonder if the company should be pursuing something more dual as a strategy, opting for Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) in those markets where it has nothing to lose, and staying with its familiar products where they are still going strong.

As far as dowries go, Nokia’s gift to Microsoft has the potential to make for a happy marriage. With no discernible presence in the mobile browser space for Microsoft, this is an especially gutsy move, and potentially disastrous for Nokia.