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FYI: LOL Added to Oxford English Dictionary. OMG! SRSLY?

Today’s text message-sized abbreviations can quickly become tomorrow’s lingua franca. While they were once slang words typed into phones and chat windows by sluggish netizens, the abbrevs, OMG, LOL, and FYI ┬áhave become legit with, their inclusion in one of the English language’s most respected reference books the Oxford English Dictionary. Announced today:

Graeme Diamond, chief editor of new words for the Oxford dictionary, explained what it takes for a new word to make the grade: “You have to show that the word has been in usage for a decent length of time and, most importantly, that the word is used and understood by a wide audience.”

The Oxford English Dictionary heralds itself as “the last word on words for over a century” — and, with four updates each year, it certainly keeps up and keeps “hip” (slang), with the English language.

Bona fide and coming to a crossword puzzle near you.