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Morgan “Supersize Me” Spurlock presents his new film, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: a documentary about advertising and product placements, financed entirely by advertising and product placements.

We’ve wanted to see it ever since we read L.A. film critic Robert Abele’s review. (You can read that review, too, in the upcoming May/June issue of MoJo.)

Apple Products Show Up On Screen in 30 Percent of 2010’s Top Flicks

It’s an Apple World, we just live in it.

While the juggernaut of Cupertino (market cap was $316 Billion) makes a play for wider ownership of the digital content ecosystem, the battle for our hearts and minds was won ages ago.

Just how much do we love Apple? According to Brand Cameo, 30 percent of the top films of 2010 had Apple products on screen. Steve Jobs and his crew beat out such product placement heavyweights as Nike, Chevrolet and Ford, who are no slouches.

Apple-branded products appeared in more than one-third of all number one films at the US box office between 2001 to 2010 (making 112 of the 334 #1 films in America since 2001). That is second only to Ford (144 of 334) and well ahead of third place Coca-Cola (96 of 334).

In fact, Apple products appeared in more top films in the last decade than McDonald’s and Nike combined (92). Pretty impressive, considering that fewer than 15% of American computer-owning households have an Apple. (That figure, by the way, is up from 9% in 2008 — an indication that Apple product placement may be paying off.) 

Or, it could just be that Apple products are way cooler than any other gadgets around. Not to pick sides or anything like. Really. What?

h/t Apple Insider