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California Watch Makes Journalism More Relevant →

Robert Rosenthal, executive director of the Center for Investigative Reporting, comments on the work of California Watch, an organization that aims to deliver information to audiences that need it the most but are the most difficult to reach.

Most notable, is their coverage of the earthquake safety problems. This story  received so much notoriety that their original plan to print 2,000 copies was exceeded when they published 34,000 coloring books on the topic and distributed them for free.

Ashley Alvarado, the public engagement manager for California Watch, identifies California’s diversity as the reason for the company. She says, “You want to reflect the state that you’re covering, and California is diverse.” She continues, “news organizations cannot afford to write off diverse communities.”

On the topic, Rosenthal states, “It isn’t simply getting information to these communities. It’s getting information back to us to make our journalism more relevant and meaningful.”

In the end, California Watch emphasizes that although  news organizations do not have unlimited resources, there is still a way to appeal to diverse communities, and California Watch is proof of it.

H/T: Poynter.