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The Man Who Stayed Behind

(via The New York Times)

The Op-Ed columnist Nicholas D. Kristof talks with Ryan Boyette, a Florida man who braves bombs to document atrocities in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains.


There is no way we could have left and said we hope that you make it out on the other end of this okay. So we decided to stay and we decided to form a team and report what was happening.


To its credit, the Obama administration is working hard to end the food blockade in Nuba. But Boyette is skeptical, as am I, that the measures under consideration will be enough to avert starvation. If Boyette has anything to do with it, images of Nuba—courage, resilience, and suffering—will make it into American living rooms and build the political will for Washington and the world to take firm action.

5 minute video. Powerful work.