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Gage Skidmore: How one teenager gives the GOP its Flickr close-up


You don’t know him, but you’ve seen his work: The rise of Creative Commons has leveled the playing field for bloggers, giving many the opportunity to illustrate stories with free-to-use images that are at times comparable to wire photos. But the quality varies, and it’s rare to find someone sharing high-quality pictures consistently — but Gage Skidmore pulls it off. The 18-year-old photographer, who shoots celebrities and conservative politicians largely as a hobby, has uploaded nearly 9,000 photos to Flickr since early 2008, and thanks to favorable licensing, finds his photos of famous and important people in use all over the Web — including such sites as MSNBC, Fox NewsThe Atlantic and Mashable. What drives his work? Click on to see his take on the matter.

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FJP: Over at ShortFormBlog Ernie Smith interviews Gage Skidmore about the photos he’s been taking of political candidates. Definitely worth the read

Not familiar with the Creative Commons? Familiarize.

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—005 - Get to Know a Tumblr with Ernie Smith

Get to Know a Tumblr — ShortFormBlog’s Ernie Smith

DC journalist Ernie Smith, a designer for the Washington Post Express, started ShortFormBlog during a bout of unemployment in January 2009. The experimental news site moved to Tumblr full-time earlier this year.

Besides Smith, ShortFormBlog’s two other writers are both based out of the Bay Area. Seth Millstein, who mostly focuses on political stories, has been with the site since August, and also runs a personal WordPress blog. Chris Tognotti, who’s been with SFB since January, also throws long-form posts at The Crater.

Other folks whose byline you might catch on SFB are Matthew Keys, aka ProducerMatthew, who contributes during breaking news stories, and intern Justin Jones. Jones (who runs Justin Reads The News on Tumblr) is a journalism student at the University of Florida, and Keys is that guy who knew that Donald Trump wasn’t running three weeks before everyone else.