‘Sundance’ posts

You know what’s happening in about 23 minutes or so (8pm EST)?

The premier of the globally crowdsourced, Ridley Scott, Kevin Macdonald and YouTube “Life in a Day” documentary.

A little background: last July, thousands of people around the world filmed moments of their July 24, uploaded clips to the Life in a Day YouTube channel and since then editors have been working in London to put together a feature-length film.

It’s premiering at Sundance this evening. For those of us not wearing the fancy pants, we can watch it on YouTube.

For background on the project and how it all came together, check out the BBC’s Digital Planet.

The Green Wave, an animated documentary about Iranian protests during and after the country’s 2009 election, premiered last night at the Sundance Film Festival.

Color us amazed by the innovation that went into its production.

Via the Guardian:

How do you show what it was like for the Iranian protesters arrested during the green revolution of 2009? That was the challenge facing Ali Samadi Ahadi when he was working on his documentary about the abortive uprising, The Green Wave. The answer? Get online. The Green Wave is based on first-person accounts collected from tweets, Facebook entries and blogs. It features footage of protests and public gatherings shot on cell phones. But after the government militia turned on protesters and hauled them away to jail, the documentary trail ran cold. That’s when Ahadi turned to animation.

To critics who say the film doesn’t bring new information to the table, Ahadi responds, “I don’t say we all have all aspects of this time in the film. I don’t say it is an objective view of the situation. It is a subjective, very personal view of the situation in Iran after the election.”