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Reddit isn't messing around with spammers, even if they're very well-known. They just banned people from posting links to such rogue sites as The Atlantic and BusinessWeek. →


Redditors are collecting the blacklisted sites at a freshly minted subreddit, r/BannedDomains. The list so far includes at least five:,,,, and GlobalPost.

Redditors are prevented from submitting links to any of the above sites. Instead, they’re greeted with the following message: “this domain has been banned for spamming and/or cheating.”

There’s a bit of backstory here: Jared Keller, a social media editor for The Atlantic, got banned from Reddit a couple months back after heavy posting of Atlantic links, something the community-oriented network frowns upon, but is very tempting due to the high amount of traffic it drives. But why prevent people from even submitting links from such big sites? Well, a Reddit technical staffer Jason Harvey claims that these actions were taken as an absolute last resort.

FJP: There’s sharing… and then there’s oversharing.

UPDATE: ShortFormBlog has discovered that the bans are temporary.