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Nate Silver Talks Plans for Moving FiveThirtyEight to ESPN

Nate Silver, the stats-driven political forecasting superstar, has left the New York Times to set up shop with ESPN. In this video, he and Grantland’s Bill Simmons discuss what goes into starting a new publication, from people hired, to creating an editorial voice to eventually standing on your own two feet.

[That] story made me wonder if we (by “we,” I mean the sports media) need to recalibrate everything we’re doing. Do we really need 25 people crammed in baseball locker rooms fighting for the same mundane quotes? What’s our game plan for the fact that — thanks to the Internet and 24-hour sports stations — a city like Boston suddenly has four times as many sports media members as it once had? Why are we covering teams the same way we covered them in 1981, just with more people and better equipment? If I could watch any Celtics game and press conference from my house (already possible), and there was a handpicked pool of reporters (maybe three per game, with the people changing every game) responsible for pooling pregame/postgame quotes and mailing them out immediately, could I write the same story (or pretty close)? If we reduced the locker room clutter, would players relax a little more? Would their quotes improve? Would they trust the media more? Why haven’t we experimented at all? Any “improvements” in our access have been forgettable. Seriously, what pearls of wisdom are we expecting from NBA coaches during those ridiculous in-game interviews, or from athletes sitting on a podium with dozens of media members firing monotone questions at them? It’s like an all-you-can-eat buffet of forgettable quotes, like the $7.99 prime rib extravaganzas at a Vegas casino or something. There’s Russell Westbrook at the podium for $7.99! Feast away!

— In a running email exchange between Malcolm Gladwell and Bill Simmons, the two explore — along with crime, conspiracy, “jockosophers”, fame and a host of other topics — issues in sports journalism. Namely, the numbing banality of a lot of it. Grantland, The Exchange: Gladwell vs. Simmons IV.