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Louis CK Animation About Global Warming

John Roney created an animated video tribute to Louis CK featuring the comedian’s bit on what God would say to humans about global warming if He were to return to Earth.

Spoiler: “What the fuck did you do?!”

The partnership between Comedy Central, a cable cannel owned by Viacom, and Twitter represents the evolving relationship between television and social media. Twitter is often incorporated into programming with viewers using the site as a second screen while watching live television. But slowly, Twitter is becoming an outlet on which to watch video.

Amy Chozick, The New York Times. A Comedy Show That Comes via a Hashtag.

Next week, Comedy Central is hosting a comedy show almost entirely on Twitter, with comedians posting video clips and jokes using the hashtag #ComedyFest. It’s an experiment to get users to watch video directly on Twitter, rather than use Twitter as a second screen while watching TV.


As early as next month, Comedy Central will introduce a free, ad-supported app, called CC: Stand-Up. Designed to look and feel like a cable channel devoted to stand-up, the app will offer videos of comedians performing routines.

A recommendation algorithm (similar to the one used by Amazon) will allow users to discover new comedians. If you watched Jeff Ross, for example, a web of other comics would pop up based on routines with similar topics (like mass transit), style (like dark humor) or other relationships (both like marshmallows).

John Oliver Investigates Investigative Journalism

Leader Of Anti-Semitic Party In Hungary Discovers He's Jewish →

FJP: News following comedy - Remember Dave Chappelle’s Clayton Bigsby, the blind racist?


If Alanis Morissette ever does a follow-up to her “Ironic” song, I’m hoping this gets worked in there somewhere (especially since it’s actually ironic, unlike most of the examples she chose for her song):

One of the leaders of Hungary’s Jobbik Party, which the Anti-Defamation League says is one of the few political parties in Europe to overtly campaign with anti-Semitic materials, has discovered that he is himself a Jew.

As the AP says, Csanad Szegedi had in the past railed about the “Jewishness” of the political class. According to the ADL, his party’s presidential candidate referred to Israeli Jews as “lice-infested, dirty murderers.”

For Szegedi all of this came to a screeching halt, when in 2010 a prisoner confronted him with evidence that he had Jewish roots. According to the AP, Szegedi tried to bribe the prisoner to keep him quiet, but rumors and innuendo reached a fever pitch by late last year and in June, Szegedi conceded that his mother was a Jew. According to Jewish law, that makes Szegedi Jewish, too.

Not only that, but Szegedi’s grandmother survived Auschwitz and his grandfather survived labor camps.

HT: Rabbi Jason Miller.

Stephen Colbert on CNN’s firing of approximately 50 journalists after the network completed a study on the quality of user generated content it was receiving via platforms such as iReport. 

Louis CK “kinda hates” social media.

John Clarke and Bryan Dawe calculate the cost of the European debt crisis

How can broke economies lend money to other broke economies who haven’t got any money because they can’t pay back the money the broke economy lent to the other broke economy and shouldn’t have lent it to them in the first place because the broke economy can’t pay back?

Take a bow, local news. Take a bow. And maybe fart while you do it.




Fart Joke of the Day: A Fox 8 News anchor struggles to make it through a story about some drunk dude who farted in front of a police officer.

It’s all very adult stuff.


this is in Cleveland. This passes for news in Cleveland. Where’s all my batshit crazy news stories? I miss Chicago.

To the producer who decided to put this in this newscast, thank you. Most awkward news clip since this one.

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Why are more Americans turning to fake news sources like ‘The Daily Show’ and ‘The Colbert Report,’ as well as satirical rag ‘The Onion?’

At the Fast Company Most Creative People in Business event last week, Onion editor Baratunde Thurston said that today’s real news is farcical, and the lack of trust is so great that the audience has decided to cut out the middle man (aka the mainstream media), and go straight to the source.  

(Source: Fast Company)

If Journalism Came With Warning Labels

Don’t believe what you read. Just because it’s printed, posted or tweeted with a supporting link doesn’t make it news.  Here’s a few warning labels we’d love to see for the endless flow of chatter, speculation and churnalism often masquerading as information for the public good.

Designer Tom Scott has identified a host of evils afflicting the modern journalist, such as when a writer sloughs off his or her own opinion with the phrase “some people claim.” It’s by no means exhaustive collection, and unlikely to adorn papers in the near future, but these caveats certainly should! At least that’s what certain people claim.

h/t: Very-Merry Happy

SNL: If WikiLeaks teamed up with TMZ.