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If you can’t present your ideas to at least a modestly larger audience, then it’s not going to do you very much good. Einstein supposedly said that I don’t trust any physics theory that can’t be explained to a 10-year-old. A lot of times the intuitions behind things aren’t really all that complicated.

Nate Silver in a Q&A with Harvard Business Review on how to get into data science as a newbie (student, professional, or otherwise).

Data Tools, Data Challenges

Bitly Data Chief Hilary Mason explains how the company’s infrastructure is set up, what challenges she sees ahead for data science and offers a wish list of tools she hopes the community will come together to create.

Last week, we posted other segments from this interview. They include getting started with data and how to to work with data. They can be viewed here.

How to Work With Data

The other day, Bitly’s data chief Hilary Mason explained how to get started with data.

Today, she discusses how to work with data, from getting it, to exploring it to interpreting it.

A while back, Hilary and Columbia mathematician Chris Wiggins wrote about this process, called it a taxonomy of data science, and gave a roughly chronological account of what one does with data: Obtain, Scrub, Explore, Model and iNterpret.

No, that’s not a typo, it’s part of an acronym: OSEMN, which rhymes with possum, which means you pronounce it “awesome”.

To get more details than Hilary offers here, check their article. It offers code examples and tools and tricks to work through each of the steps above.