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What Are Bots?


Bots are contraptions that humans have set into motion across the Internet.

Bots are engines of whimsy and chaos, who will sometimes try and convince you they can make penises bigger.

Bots are scavengers who bend and glue our cast-off word-garbage into scrapbooks, hoping we’ll be impressed.

Bots are rarely perfect, and that is what makes them human.

FJP: Read that again — Bots are rarely perfect, and that is what makes them human.

Man Killed to Death.

Man Killed to Death.

If your infographic makes sense when you look at it for 5 seconds, but is still teaching you things after you have looked at it for a full minute, then you know it is good.
Like World of Warcraft and Halo, Twitter is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, but with higher real-world stakes. It is grounded in the first principles of game theory, including variations on the Prisoner’s Dilemma. You have to give to get; you have to get to give. Managing these ratios — deciding how much of your attention to expend to win attention to yourself, say — is the lion’s share of the Twitter action.

Virginia Heffernan, New York Times, The Game of Twitter.

Heffernan explores why “Twitter is more usefully thought of as a game than a service” through the rise and fall of Anthony Weiner’s use of the platform.

What Does Technology Want?

In this conversation recorded as part of the New York Public Library series LIVE from the NYPL, Steven Johnson (author of Where Good Ideas Come From) and Kevin Kelly (author of What Technology Wants) try to convince Robert that the things we make—from spoons to microwaves to computers—are an extension of the same evolutionary processes that made us. And we may need to adapt to the idea that our technology could someday truly have a mind of its own.

Via RadioLab.