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If Gawker is trying to get off [the CPM] treadmill, for crying out loud, then maybe there’s hope for us all.

— Ryan Chittum, CJR

When I first read Nick Denton’s apologetic for moving away from the blog format for his Gawker empire, I thought I’d misread the whole thing…

…Denton is a smart fellow, but I think he’s made a decision that will ultimately cost him, for in turning his whole online bloggy magazine consortium into one, giant traditional media display, he’s assumed the role of disrupted instead of disruptor…

Most of the reasons Denton cites [for his redesign] relate not to news but to what the company feels is editorially important to display to everybody. It assumes that people come to their site once a day and need immediate guidance as to what’s important or what should be seen or viewed, as if they need and want such guidance.

This is the same process traditional media has followed forever in crafting a finished product out of the stream that is news. The New York Times commented that this is the same thing the newspaper industry discovered over a century ago.

— Terry Heaton, Why Nick Denton is wrong, ThePoMoBlog