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Got a Site? Help Japan With A Code Snippet →

We did this, we think you should too.

Via world-shaker:

If you run your own site — and we know lots of you do — you can use your pageviews and influence to help Japanese people struggling to recover from yesterday’s devastating natural disasters. All you need is a couple lines of code from the Hello Bar.

We showed off the Hello Bar a while ago; it’s a slender bar that floats at the top of your website, giving visitors a brief message and a link.

Best of all, you only have to insert the code snippet on your site once. From a convenient web dashboard, you can customize the bar with your colors and text. You can also tweak the behaviors of the bar and easily turn it on or off from the dashboard. All of this makes it incredibly easy to solicit donations for Japan now, then turn the bar off or change the message and link later, if you so desire.

That code can be used on a Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger blog, too; here are some detailed instructions.

NOTE: Hello Bar requires registration if you want to change the settings, but this Mashable article gives you the code to put in your Tumblr description if you want to bypass that. After signing up with just your name, email, and “company,” it’ll ask you for a Beta Key. Use “helpjapan”.

The caveat is that the open/close buttons on Hello Bar will occupy the same space as the Follow/Unfollow Block buttons in the top right corner. You can change this if you can change the Hello Bar settings to display those buttons on the left (which again, requires registration).

It’s as easy as selecting Customize on your Tumblr, selecting Theme, selecting Use Custom HTML and pasting the code snippet all the way at the bottom just before the </body> tag. 

Takes two minutes. 

We linked ours to the Red Cross

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