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It’s about time we held our journalists responsible for their part in this climate of misinformation and suspicion. No longer should the general public be content with news networks and publications too busy trying to win ratings and readers rather than performing their actual job of informing the public. And just informing, not shaping their opinion. No editorials, no opinion pieces, just the facts.

Until then, I’ll keep looking to foreign news agencies who take their responsibility a lot more seriously as a source of information than their US counterparts for my news fix.

On the blog Living Between Worlds, Katie Westrich asks, “what happened to investigative reporting?” after the coverage of the Oslo attacks in the news. What followed after the acts of terrorism was political rhetoric, gimmicks and emotional appeals rather than hard news coverage.

How long has this been the case? Are we just now noticing it? The RTDNA might be a good place for journalists to begin to wonder.

H/T: Living Between Worlds