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Before you start a Kickstarter campaign, you better have a long list of people to tell about it. Otherwise, unless you’re lucky enough to have Kickstarter put your project on its homepage, few will even know it exists.

How to make your journalism project succeed on Kickstarter » Nieman Journalism Lab

Looking to fund your next journalism project? Nieman Lab talks with Chris Amico, co-founder of Homicide Watch, about how to create a successful campaign on Kickstarter and the importance of a broader funding strategy to see a project through to completion. The article offers a number of tips and looks at a range of projects, including those that had been funded and those that did not reach their goal (plus a few journalism projects that far exceeded their goals).

(via onaissues)

(via onaissues)

Teaching Entrepreneurial Journalism

Thinking about j-school? This video is a good example of what the more progressive programs are beginning to teach.

Here, CUNY Professor CW Anderson tells us about his Entrepreneurial Journalism course, where his students study new (and theoretical) business models, meet industry people, and then pitch then their own “journalism business.” The first class was a mixed bunch, he told us, just like any handful of people would be — some were excited by the challenge, others found it off-putting. But almost all of them, he said, had to grapple with the realization that getting a job at a daily might not be the best out-of-college move anymore.

For more from Chris, see these FJP videos and look for his book, Networking the News: The Struggle to Rebuild Metropolitan Journalism, 1997-2011 later this year from Temple University Press.