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#MozFest – First draft of new Data Journalism Handbook written in 48 hours

The first draft of a handbook to help journalists deal with data has been created this weekend, with plans for it to be published next week.

You can read the first draft of the Data Journalism Handbook, which was written in 48 hours at the Mozilla Festival in London.

The book, which was created by 55 contributors, including staff from the BBC, Guardian and New York Times, has six chapters and 20,000 words and is a response to a challenge set by Mozilla, a nonprofit technology company, to “assemble a utility belt for data-driven journalists”.

The challenge stated:

There’s increasing pressure on journalists to drive news stories and visualisations from data. But where do you start? What skills are needed to do data-driven journalism well? What’s missing from existing tools and documentation? Put together a user-friendly handbook for finding, cleaning, sorting, creating, and visualising data — all in service of powerful stories and reporting.

I can’t wait till more people add to this!! ~Chao

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AP releases a new edition of Social Media Guidelines



Retweets, like tweets, should not be written in a way that looks like you’re expressing a personal opinion on the issues of the day. A retweet with no comment of your own can easily be seen as a sign of approval of what you’re relaying. For instance:

RT @jonescampaign smith’s policies would destroy our schools

RT @dailyeuropean at last, a euro plan that works

These kinds of unadorned retweets must be avoided.

However, we can judiciously retweet opinionated material if we make clear we’re simply reporting it, much as we would quote it in a story. Colons and quote marks help make the distinction:

RT Jones campaign now denouncing smith on education: @jonescampaign smith’s policies would destroy our schools

RT big European paper praises euro plan: @dailyeuropean “at last, a euro plan that works”

These cautions apply even if you say on your Twitter profile that retweets do not constitute endorsements.


Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency →

"This booklet comes directly from a series of 15 blog posts I wrote in 2009. My intention was to offer some guidance for journalists who are ready to learn how to transform themselves into multimedia journalists."

-Mindy McAdams professor at College of Journalism and Communications, University of Florida

10 of the Best Infographics on PR, Marketing and Social Media
By Jane Hamilton, MyMediaInfo

10 of the Best Infographics on PR, Marketing and Social Media

By Jane Hamilton, MyMediaInfo