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Twitter as a Journalism Information Network →

Twitter has quietly formed a number of partnerships—some legal, some informal—with top news organizations. On Election Night, for instance, the company provided a steady stream of seconds-old tweets about the midterms to The New York Times, which posted them online. (Sample: “Goodbye Speaker Pelosi. Your power is gone. That’s your karma for not listening to the people! Good riddance!”)

On the same night, The Washington Post became the first news outlet to buy one of Twitter’s “promoted trends,” under the hashtag symbol #election, which linked to a continuous list of stories, headlines, and video…

…Twitter executive Chloe Sladden says there are “three major areas we discuss and explore with our journalism partners: How Twitter impacts how journalists source and shape stories. How Twitter has changed how news breaks and how audiences follow breaking stories. How papers engage their audience via Twitter.” She declined to discuss financial details, but Stone says the goal is to share revenue with the news outlets.

Is Stone’s ego bruised by non-believers like Tom Brokaw, who recently said of Twitter that “an awful lot of it seems to be… just stuff that fills air”? Stone views such attitudes as a byproduct of the four-year-old company’s explosive growth. “The gap between people who’ve heard of Twitter and those who understand the value of it is still pretty wide,” he explains. “We have to get people to understand it’s not just for saying ‘I had a bran muffin today,’ that it’s an information network.”

— Via Howard Kurtz, Daily Beast