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“I can say from personal experience that when I have gone into threads to explain how our comments work or help users with questions/issues they might have, the tone changes simply because the user realizes someone from The Post is listening.”

- Jon DeNunzio, The Washington Post’s Interactivity editor

— The story, as reported by Nieman Journalism Lab, shows yet another major news outlet embracing and engaging its audience rather than try to keep them at arms length from the discussion.

Google+ More Than Just Another Social Media Network →

According to an article by Sarah Marshall, Google+ can be a great tool for journalists to generate contacts for a news story, aggregate news and share information among contacts. Most notably, Google+  has included the option of instant messaging, video calling and voice chatting for its users.  Better yet, contacts do not have to belong to the exclusive Google+ network, they can simply be Gmail users. To promote collaboration and accessibility, Google Docs  can be shared among Google+ users.