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Seventeen Magazine's Body Peace Treaty →

On April 19, 14-year-old Julia Bluhm started a petition on asking Seventeen magazine to print one unaltered photo in its magazine each month.

By Tuesday morning, the petition had attracted 84,168 signatures. And Ms. Bluhm reacted enthusiastically to news of the magazine’s policy statement.

“Seventeen listened!” Ms. Bluhm wrote on her petition page, under the headline “How We Won.” “They’re saying they won’t use Photoshop to digitally alter their models! This is a huge victory, and I’m so unbelievably happy.”

Editor-in-chief Ann Shoket, along with the entire magazine staff signed an eight-point pact to never change the body or face shapes of any of its girls and only include images of “real girls and models who are healthy,” and also make photoshoots transparent by posting them on Tumblr.

FJP: Well done, Julia Bluhm. And well done, Seventeen. We especially like the effort to be transparent.