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Digital Trends in Journalism →

Over at O’Reilly Radar Alex Howard takes a look at the latest Knight News Challenge winners and identifies key trends in “journalism’s networked future.”

  • Networked accountability: Alex looks at a project by Safecast that hopes to bridge “citizen science, open data, open source hardware, civic hacking and the Internet of things to monitor, share and map radiation data.”
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration, across newsrooms: Individual journalists, technologists and organizations are collaborating across news organizations like never before. Yes, there’s competition between them still, but there’s also coopition and pure collaboration.
  • The value of an open geo commons: There’s Google Maps and there’s what Apple is trying to call maps, but these are proprietary solutions for news organizations that want to visually place their stories and data in a precise place. OpenStreetMaps is a well known open source startup. Knight winner Development Seed is building visualization tools on top of it so that “media organizations large and small can tap into to inform communities using maps.”
  • “Open” is in: Especially open data that’s used for the public good.

Read through for Alex’s descriptions of each.

Alex Howard, O’Reilly Radar. Four key trends changing digital journalism and society.

An Incredible Audio Archive in the Making

Nieman Lab:

Anne Wootton and Bailey Smith, winners of a $300,000 Knight News Challenge grant, are the creators of Pop Up Archive. They are building open-source software and partnering with the Internet Archive to streamline the entire workflow of a radio producer — from ingestion to cataloging to eventual distribution.

“What’s closest to our heart is saving oral history. It’s actually easier to lose your material that’s digital than it is to lose something that was on a tape,” Smith told me. Data gets corrupted, or just lost. Thousands of files called 000001.WAV become meaningless to humans.

FJP: Oh man. This will be so incredibly useful. 

Bonus: Here’s an FJP interview with David Gerlach, founder of Blank on Blank, which is slightly different and equally awesome.

An App to Build Your Own Newscast

Knight News Challenge winner Watchup is a curatorial iPad app that allows users to build their own newscasts by self-selecting a series of news stories. Think along the lines of Pulse News but with video.

via Nieman Lab:

Pick 10 stories from 10 channels, then lean back with your morning coffee and watch as the stories roll past without user intervention. Channels cover topics like finance, technology, breaking news, business, and other news categories. The app comes preloaded with 10 channels, but users will be able to customize from a list of about 40 total.

How they hope to make money:

Farano says Watchup plans to generate revenue from pre-roll ads that will air before videos, and the plan is to give news organizations a cut. The trick will be to create an interface that’s appealing enough to users that they’ll abandon engrained habits and be willing to watch ads that they might otherwise be able to avoid. Farano argues it’s also an ideal solution for news organizations like The Wall Street Journal that find they can’t produce enough video to meet advertising demand.

Its funding will come as a venture capital investment rather than a grant.

FJP: Could be wonderful, could be tricky to sustain. Check out the other Knight news Challenge winners here.

Knight News Challenge: 50 Projects Move to Next Round →


We just finished selecting the 51 proposals that will go to the next round of the Knight News Challenge on networks. (You can see 50 of them listed below; one was a closed entry we don’t have permission from the applicant to share.) 

FJP: Congratulations to all involved and good luck!

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