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Why J-Schools Still Matter

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism just held an interview with its Dean, Nicholas Lemann, about the school’s education philosophy and why one would choose to actually attend a professional journalism school.

Dean Nicholas Lemann: Why Journalism Schools Still Matters.

Click to listen, right click to download the mp3.

Conducted by Dean of Students Sree Sreenivasan and broadcast via Blog Talk Radio, the purpose of the interview was to reach out to prospective students and answer questions they may have.

Obviously Columbia-centric but Lemann touches on a number of issues, both educational and professional, facing the industry that we thought many here would like to listen in on.

Run time: ~30 minutes.

Those interested in hearing further conversation with the admissions department can do so via the podcast archive at Blog Talk Radio.

People from the digital world are always saying we don’t need journalists at all because information is everywhere and there in no barrier to entry. But these documents provide a good answer to that question. Even though journalists didn’t dig them out, there is a great deal of value in their efforts to explain and examine them. Who else would have had the energy or resources to do what these news organization have done?

— Nicholas Lemann, Dean, Columbia University School of Journalism, on the role of news organizations in the age of WikiLeaks.