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The Internet hasn’t given me a thick skin, because I already had one. I think women are better suited to dealing with commenters than men because we have the experience of having been eighth grade girls. No troll in the comments will ever have as intimate an understanding of all your insecurities as your teenage best friends, so the trolls have no idea what scabs to pick. Men seem more wounded by mean comments, and they expect you to be, too, saying stuff like, “I can’t believe the comments on your post! They’re so personal!” And then you look and it’s like someone calling you “a feminazi with bad hair.” And you think, Are you kidding? I have great hair.

Wondering where all the lady journalists are? →


Well, they’re on Tumblr, where all the cool people are.  

Lady Journos is a blog dedicated to highlighting ”the work of journalists who happen to be women” and to closing “the byline gender gap.”  Follow away.  

Serendipity: just finished reading Elissa Strauss’ follow-up on the byline gap in magazine publishing. In it she gets feedback from editors at the New Yorker, Harper’s, NY Review of Books and TNR about their thoughts on gender disparity in magazine writing. 

Now it’s off to follow the ladies.

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