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Micha Peled on Documentary Filmmaking, Step 1: Never Quit!

We spoke with documentary filmmaker Micha X. Peled recently at the Human Rights Film Festival, where he told us some great stories about problems he’s faced while making movies. In China, his crew got arrested. Here in the States, he spent six months in the wrong town. He rarely spoke the language of his subjects. But more important than any of that was that he never quit, and that seems to be what it takes.

To find out more about Micha X. Peled and his documentaries, visit Teddy Bear Films.

Micha X. Peled on making Bitter Seeds

If you like documentaries, this is for you. A few weeks ago we went to the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York and met Micha X. Peled, a San Francisco-based filmmaker who recently finished his last of three films on globalization and its varying effects on mankind. We asked him to tell us about his latest work, Bitter Seeds.

In the film Micha follows a strange crisis in India where, for many farmers, a foreign monopoly on the local seed market has inflated prices and brought on massive local debt. The situation become so dire that, on average, a farmer kills himself every thirty minutes.

The film follows a farming season and a young girl, Manjusha, who wants to become a journalist and tell the world about what’s happening to people in her part of India.

For more information, see Micha’s website, Teddy Bear Films.