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News Scandals are Theatrical →


The “current crisis” engulfing UK newspaper journalism has inspired a new fast-turnaround theatre production that will launch in Glasgow at the end of April.

The National Theatre of Scotland and the London Review of Books have teamed up to produce Enquirer, which will be performed in an empty floor of an office block in Glasgow’s digital media quarter at Pacific Quay, before moving to London later in the year.

It is based on more than 50 interviews with people working in the newspaper industry - from reporters to printers and newsagents - conducted by journalists Paul Flynn, Deborah Orr and Ruth Wishart.

The transcripts from the interviews will be edited into a script, and the project will be updated throughout the rehearsal and performance period to reflect the current state of events in the phone hacking story and the Leveson inquiry.

More Dirty Little Secrets about Tabloid Journalism →


The AP has a nice story about many other standard, shameful practices at News of the World. It’s a blood-in-the-water kind of moment for the mainstream press. But the mainstream press should not throw stones. This kind of stuff happens everywhere, including at the AP. I know. I used to work there.

[Newspapers] are important assets, we care about them…but that’s not going to drive our future. Our future is being driven by those big, broad content platform channel businesses.

— Chase Carey, President & COO, News Corp.


The Daily is the most exciting news media start-up of the millennium!

The Daily is doomed. A horrible venture from a horrible man.

On the sleek iPad, it is indescribably magical to touch the news.

Apple is a fascist censor with onerous terms.

News Corp. is paying journalists, and paying them well!

You can’t cover the nation with 100 people.

It came to Rupert Murdoch in a dream.

It is a nightmare.

WHAT’S BEHIND THE schizophrenic anticipation for News Corp.’s iPad-only newspaper, the Daily? Why is half the city rooting for its demise, and the other half greeting its arrival like the second coming?

— Nick Summers, The Great Murdoch iPad Debate, New York Observer

We journalists are naturally a skeptical group. As someone who would like to see newspaper-style journalism on a digital platform, I am rooting for concept behind The Daily. But, based on what we know right now, I’d have to say that it doesn’t look good for The Daily - even if it does receive a glowing endorsement (or engineering help) from Steve “Midas Touch” Jobs.

Sam Diaz, ZDNet.

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