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Well, give us a few points for trying.

We left New York for the more storm friendly confines of where we grew up in Narragansett, Rhode Island with the thought that we’d get some good hurricane tropical storm footage.

It started off well at the spot you see in the video above but as we moved up the beach (as in literally trying to outrun waves in a sprint down the beach to get to our spot), we were taken out by a biggie and our camera died.

Problem was were running past a sea wall to get back into open space when a wave came in. It was large and we got rolled 

So, we’re left with a mere minute of the Rhode Island coast line. 

But it’s a pretty good minute. 

And the attempt was great fun.

(Fun times aside: We — that’s my brother Peter in the video — grew up on this beach, know this beach, know these waters, know these waves and have swum these waves during past hurricane equivalents all our lives. If we had been anywhere else and not known the terrain, the currents, the ocean, there’s no way we would have run the beach to get a shot, and certainly would tell others not to do it as well.)