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The decision is perverse in that the actions leading to this criminal charge were carried out with the full knowledge and support of [redacted].

Payment for Glen Mulcaire’s services was arranged by [redacted].

British Parliament most likely will recall James Murdoch to further testify about the phone hacking scandal that’s roiled News Corp/News International.

A primary reason for doing so is this 2007 letter from Clive Goodman, the former royal correspondent for News of the World, to News International questioning his termination.

Goodman was arrested in 2006 and, along with the private investigator Glen Mulcaire, was later convicted for intercepting mobile phone messages. 

At the time News International said Goodman was a lone rogue, and that phone hacking was not a common practice.

The letter is available via the Guardian which writes in a note alongside the redaction:

Goodman identifies staff at the News of the World who he says knew about and encouraged phone-hacking. Their names have been redacted because Operation Weeting, Scotland Yard’s investigation into the practice, is ongoing.

The pressure on journalists these days is tremendous. The industry is still reeling from the Great Media Collapse in 2008-09 where more than 30,000 journalists were axed. The industry continues to shrink with more than 2,800 lay-offs last year and more than a thousand job cuts so far this year, according to the newspaper lay-off tracker service Paper Cuts.

This means fewer journalists – with less experience – doing more work.

George Snell, Media commentator, InTheseTimes

In this article, Michelle Chen discusses the plight of News of the World and cites George Snell to emphasize her belief: Can the economy be blamed for this distinct disregard for ethics? Although this is certainly a consideration, it is arguably not the source of the problem. Rather, she asks, “if corruption in journalism is rooted in culture, then culture change must begin in the workplace, by giving real journalists a voice.”

Michelle Chen, InTheseTimes

It is shocking that some of the board members should want to run a media institution like a company producing plastic buckets, with purely commercial considerations and unethical practices overwhelming editorial interests and values, thereby damaging the credibility of the newspaper.

Syas N. Ravi, former editor of The Hindu newspaper of India.

The phone hacking scandal in Britain has caused many papers around the world to examine their own integrity and ethics. Ravi is an example of someone who found his beliefs in danger, and as a result, he stepped out of the competitive circle of unethical desperation. 

H/T: New York Times

(Source: The New York Times)

Guardian Visualization of the News of the World Scandal

The Guardian tracked half a million tweets over a four day period to analyze how people on the social network were talking about News of the World.

This is what it looks like.