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MISSION Possible

In an alternative life I’ve been working on a startup called It’s a community and publication focusing on global philanthropic and volunteer activity. And, happily, its soft launch is today.

MISSION was founded by Amy Schrier who also happened to be my first publisher for a magazine she launched in the 90s called Blue.

For those interested in MISSION, check the Web site. Job opportunities are listed here.

And if you’re in New York City, there’s a launch party Wednesday, May 2, from 7-10pm on the Lower East Side. There are two ways to attend:

  • For free: simply register at Eventbrite and come on down.
  • For $20: proceeds collected will benefit Flying Kites Global, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that runs a leadership academy for orphaned children in Kenya.

MISSION is on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. We’re working on getting our Tumblr act together.

Hope to see people on Wednesday at the launch party — Michael