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We will watch what The New York Times does, what the Times of London does; there are experiments galore going on in pay models in newspapers all around the country. We’re not going to be pioneers in those experiments but we’ll be watching every one and if somebody knows a better way to operate a newspaper business, we’ll be interested. We’re quite willing to be followers on this front.

— Don Graham, CEO, Washington Post Company, on the Washington Post’s pay model strategies.

Gray Lady looks to WeightWatchers for Internet tips →

A lean and mean strategy.

Via Reuters:

New York Times Co is completing plans to charge readers for online news after spending a year studying websites such as Consumer Reports and WeightWatchers…

…The company largely avoided other media websites for inspiration, choosing instead of focus on an Internet model created by The Financial Times, owned by Pearson Plc.

"There’s lots to be learned in regard to pricing across a myriad of industries, and I think we’ve really done a lot of homework," Robinson said, citing "everything from Consumer Reports to WeightWatchers."