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I thought you were particularly photogenic that day.

Karl Rove, former George W. Bush advisor and founder of Crossroads GPS, to New York Times reporter John Harwood on why Crossroads used a clip of Harwood in an attack ad on Barack Obama. The footage used was a three second clip of Harwood explaining a job report on CNBC. 

John Harwood, New York Times. More News Reports Show Up in Campaign Ads, to Journalists’ Chagrin.

Background: Harwood reports that more political ads this year are using footage from television news programs to lend “credibility” to the claims made in the spots. 

“We try really hard to get credible third-party messengers to deliver facts,” Mark McKinnon, an ad producer who’s worked with Rove on campaigns, tells Harwood. “A fact coming from you is much more believable than a fact coming from us.”

Which is odd if you think about it seeing how shrill certain quarters are about how biased the mainstream media happens to be.