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Oh, Canada: Music Publishers Target the CBC Over its Streaming Music Site →

Head over to CBC Music and you’ll find a streaming music site run by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Canadian media companies aren’t happy about the on-demand, Web-based service and are taking steps to block the country’s national broadcaster from providing the tunes for free.

At issue is the lower royalty rates the CBC — as a public broadcaster — pays for the music compared to what private companies pay.

Via the Globe and Mail:

The companies argue they must charge customers to offset royalty costs which are triggered every time a song is played, while the CBC gets around the pay-per-click problem because it is considered a non-profit corporation.

They want Ottawa to intervene and they’ve offered Federal Heritage Minister James Moore some alternatives: Shut the site down, force it to play only Canadian music, or insist that it charge for access in the same way private broadcasters do.

“The only music that you can hear for free is when the birds sing,” Eric Boyko, CEO of Stingray, a company that has a subscription-based music app on the market, tells the Globe and Mail.

Let’s hope that remains true. In February, a YouTube user had his videos removed for violating a copyright claim by Rumblefish, a music licensing company. The offending audio: birds chirping in the background as the video creator walked about outside.

PBS Launches Digital Media Platform for Education →

Like peanut butter and jelly, PBS and education just go together.

Via eSchoolNews:

The Public Broadcasting System and Boston-based PBS station WGBH are releasing a new digital media platform for pre-kindergarten through college, called PBS LearningMedia. The site will provide digital content tied to curriculum standards and will be available in both a free and premium format…

…PBS LearningMedia will include content from more than 55 member stations, independent producers, and public institution partners. The site plans to launch with 12,000 digital learning objects, which include video clips, documents, games, images, and activities.

“Approximately 60 percent of the collection is made up of video clips,” said [Senior Vice President for Education Rob] Lippincott. “All of these are purpose-built short pieces of video that have been produced or adapted for use in the classroom. These are not simply segments of television.” 

PBS LearningMedia.

More reasons to watch web over boob tube on the way? →

House votes to defund public television

Advocates say cuts imperil hundreds of stations

By Ted Johnson

Public television advocates said a House of Representatives vote on early Saturday puts in jeopardy the budgets of hundreds of stations and could be a “death sentence” for some in rural areas.

The House’s 235-189 vote on some $60 billion in cuts includes the elimination of funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the rest of this fiscal year. The cuts were part of an appropriations bill needed to fund the government for the next eight months, but the House’s action sets the stage for a showdown in the Senate, and President Obama has threatened a veto…


This Is NPR: The First Forty Years.

Now available as a book (the print kind), and audio (the book kind).

Noah Adams discusses the project here.