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Sam Sifton and Nancy Franklin Quit Journalism’s Cushiest Jobs

Sam Sifton is leaving his gig as New York Times restaurant critic after only two years. He’s moving up to become the paper’s new National Editor. Who will be his replacement? A rumor is going around the Times newsroom that it could be Pete Wells.

Also today in people saying goodbye to insanely cushy journalism jobs: Nancy Franklin,the TV critic at The New Yorker, is quitting her job after 13 years. “Happy to have had, for 13 yrs, the best job ever, and happy to be giving it up,” she says. She wrote a couple of pages a week. About television. In The New Yorker. For a cushy salary. And she’s quitting. During a recession. Without even having another job offer. Actually, we completely understand. Droning about TV in The New Yorker week after week could induce serious inferiority complex in anyone.

via Gawker