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What happened to quicksand?

Remember when quicksand seemed to be in every movie and TV show? Where did it go? In our new short, reporter Dan Engber looks into it…waaaaaaay into it. (via wnycradiolab)

FJP: Radiolab. Always a good way to spend 15 minutes… or much more. Besides, quicksand fetish communities!

(via wnyc)

polidigitalaffairs asked: Hi FJP, I'm interested in polishing my fact-checking and research skills. What tools and/or websites would you recommend? Since I do not have any formal fact-checking or research experience outside of academia and cannot afford an unpaid internship, how can build a portfolio to demonstrate those skills? Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Serendipity’s a beautiful thing. I say this because I was on a train this morning thinking about this question when I started listening to a Radiolab program that tackles this very issue.

So I’d start there. In particular, the segment about Errol Morris’ obsession with a famous Crimean War photograph that Morris first wrote about at the New York Times. Morris later turned this three-part, 25,000 word musing into a book called Believing is Seeing. The book explores how we perceive truth in documentary photography.

Next, I’d check out Nieman Reports. This summer they released “Truth in the Age of Social Media,” a look at how “the BBC, the AP, CNN, and other news organizations are addressing questions of truth and verification.”

And then I’d check out the FJP’s Fact Checking Tag which has a number of ideas about — and links to — fact checking issues and resources.

How to build a portfolio without an internship or some other entry into the field?

Just start doing it. Pick an event and start fact checking it. It’s high political season so there are plenty of things to choose from. I’ve written before about how we need to make our own opportunities by spending the time and effort to build our portfolios. So start a fact checking blog and show the world what you can do.

And remember to show us too. — Michael

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Me3 - Michael Cervieri

—Three Parts Kinky (Take 01)

Three Parts Kinky

About a month ago I started working on this song that sampled two BBC radio episodes: one about a professor who’s implanted RFID chips into his body so he can physically connect to the Internet and the other about Geisha culture.

Unfortunately, the computer I was working on had a hissy fit, died and took my files with it, so even though this is called Three Parts Kinky, the MP3 here is only take one of parts one and two. (Pro Tip: even if you’re in the habit of backing up, back up again.)

I’ll get back to recreating and finishing this but before I do I’m going to hit up Radiolab’s Remix Contest and think you should too.

Via Indaba Music:

Now Indaba and Radiolab want you to remix one or more of their episodes using the stem packs provided. Re-edit them, re-score them, change the narrative structure, turn them into an opera, or do whatever you feel inspired to do. Robert and Jad simply want to hear your best and most creative work. The selected mixes will be highlighted on an upcoming Radiolab episode.

Contest runs until June 12. Rules, FAQ and audio stems are located here.

Call and Response… or Symmetry as the Case May Be.

Recently, WNYC’s RadioLab ran a program that explored how “symmetry shapes our very existence—from the origins of the universe, to what we see when we look in the mirror.”

NYC filmmakers Everynone took note, collaborated and came back with few minute video response.

Audio. Video. Symmetry.