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mixedrealities asked: What will the news media look like in 15 years time? Working on a story about this for my newspaper/site/blogs

What will it “look” like.

I think if you visually graphed possibilities the future falls on a curve with this as a worst case scenario:

sopravvissuta alle bombe...

and something like this as a best case scenario:

Rainbows + Unicorns, 2009

you’ll start to understand future possibilities.

Where journalism as an industry falls along these lines largely depends if it can successfully crack the digital business model nut. Some trends that we are seeing though is a simultaneous consolidation by established brands of where we get our news (see here and here, for example), a blossoming of niche publications and aggregators that focus specifically on chosen verticals (see here as a sort of example) and increased social layers on top — or behind — the news outlets we follow (for example, here and here).

Who the actual players will be is anyone’s guess. Mine’s that there will be companies started by today’s 10-year-olds that will knock our socks off and be household names.

A truism to keep in mind, whatever I just wrote will probably be obsolete sometime next week.

Photos: Rainbows and Unicorns, 2009, by Mr. Red and sopravvissuta alle bombe…, by MIgraciónTOtal via Flickr.