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I gave up on RSS a couple of years ago when I realized it was just another unread indicator in my dock, another number to zero out. If an article or link is important it almost always shows up in my Twitter stream, or on one of the handful of websites I check throughout the day.

Sam Stephenson, a programmer at 37signals, to Ars Technica’s Jacqui Cheng. Why keeping up with RSS is poisonous to productivity, sanity.

It’s true that maintaining an RSS feed can at times be overwhelming. For example, I just logged into Google Reader and have over one thousand unread tech articles, 982 unread media articles and another thousand plus unread business articles. 

Which is why I never log into Google Reader. It’s too overwhelming.

But I do synch Google Reader with Feedly and explore my feed through this totally different and mostly wonderful interface.

My feed categories are laid out magazine style, I can designate certain feeds as important and important content bubbles up. Basically, Feedly makes following multiple, diverse sources a little bit more manageable.

Most important, I do not fear marking all as read and starting from scratch again. — Michael